10 Best Lawn Sweepers 2017

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Having lot of trees in your garden gives you a pleasant feeling apart from the fresh air they provide. Growing the trees and maintaining them throughout the various seasons is not an easy task.

10 Best Lawn Sweepers 2016

Each season will require different types of maintenance to patio and yard. Among various seasons, the autumn season is difficult for lawn owners as it is an onset of falling down of dried leaves, twigs, etc from trees.

Those who have a grassy landscape at your garden will require cleaning the debris regularly in such a way that debris does not cover up grass and affect their growth. Picking up the dried leaves and debris can’t be done manually in case of larger lawn area.

A better solution for these impacts is to acquire the best lawn sweeper. A lawn sweeper is also known as grass sweeper and it is a useful tool that has the capability of picking up the leaves as well as the debris from the lawn.

Best Brands Of Lawn Sweepers

Everyone is facing some issues while searching for the best product. In that case, Lawn sweeper doesn’t come with any exceptions.

There are different types of lawn sweepers. The push lawn sweeper will require you to manually push the product to pick up the dried leaves and the debris. The powered lawn sweepers perform an operation with the help of the electric motor that is built in it. Another model is the tow lawn sweeper which has to be towed to the tractor.

Here I have picked 10 best lawn sweepers that are favorable in cleaning your lawn. Proceed below to make out the best.

Agri –Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44 Inch

This Agri-fab lawn sweeper is a tow type of lawn sweeper with a sweeper width of 44”. The brush of the sweeper is tough and durable such that they are able to sweep even the smallest dirt leaving your garden neat and tidy. It is attached to an extra large load bag which is bigger than its rival and reduces the work of emptying it often which is the major reason for it to be in top most places.

With the help of the offset hitch, the machine can be switched between mowing and sweeping at once by adjusting it to the center or side. Also, the hitch can be easily mounted to a tractor and the machine is capable of easy height adjustment preventing slips during operation.

The machine and the dust bag can be folded to be stored in a compact area and in addition to this; the hopper can be emptied easily with the help of a single lever that is built with the machine.

here is a video that shows the working method of this lawn sweeper.

Agri –Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44 Inch

Key features: 44” sweeper, XL load bag, adjustable hitch.

Pros: Collect debris effectively, switchable function, easy towing.

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Brinly STS-427LXH Lawn Sweeper, 42 Inch

This Brinly lawn sweeper is also a tow type yard sweeper which comes with a sweeper width of 42”. They are designed to have 6 brushes with high velocity that picks up the debris continuously.

The sweeper performs exceptionally well along with the large hamper which diminishes the work of unloading the bin frequently. Apart from the leaves, the device helps you to collect the hard twigs, pine cones.

The product can be effortlessly towed to any tractor and it is lighter in weight to sweep but they are heavy when it comes to picking up of the leaves. The product comes with an innovative storage design which enables you to store the machine when not in use.

Brinly STS-427LXH Lawn Sweeper, 42 Inch

Key features: 42” sweeper, large hamper.

Pros: Collect pine cones, compact storage, large dust bag.

Yardwise23630- YW Lawn Sweeper, 21 Inch

This is a push-type lawn sweeper with a 21” sweeper width. They are capable of picking up even the smallest leaves and not the twigs or the pine cones without struck up. However, they are better than the rake.

The device is suitable only for the small lawns which do not have any stick out obstacles in the way. This is designed with dial adjustments and that can be adjustable to different heights. Also, they are foldable and compact for storing when not in use.

The product comes with 26-gallon basket, which is smaller than the above models and it is easy to empty it.

This video will explain you about the Yardwise lawn sweeper works.

Yardwise23630- YW Lawn Sweeper, 21 Inch

Key features: 21” sweeper, super grabbing brushes.

Pros: picks up even the smaller leaves, easy height adjustments.

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Lawn Sweeper, 50 Inch

This Ohio steel lawn sweeper is a tow type lawn sweeper with 50” sweeper width. It comes with the largest width that is capable of picking up the debris covering a wider area better than the other models.

It consists of the brushes made up of the polypropylene material to sweep effectively without bringing any damage to the grasses of the lawn.

Watch out the video that explains the performance of the Ohio steel lawn sweeper.

The hitch is capable of adjusting at 5 different positions and can be easily attached to tractors of any models. Also, it saves space when not in use.

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Lawn Sweeper, 50 Inch

Key features: 50” sweeper, polypropylene brushes.

Pros: wider coverage, ample storage basket

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Snow Joe Sun Joe Sjsw26m Lawn Sweeper, 26″

This Sun Joe lawn sweeper is a manual push type lawn sweeper with a 26” sweeper width to offer medium coverage while sweeping the lawn. The product comes with 4 brushes that are good enough to grab the leaves, dirt, and the grass clippings.

As the sweeper is designed with height control, it can be easily adjusted to different heights for switching between the different areas with different heights. The collector basket is capable of holding up to 52.3-gallon capacity which is more than required.

Here is a video that will explain the features of this lawn sweeper.

Also, the device is made of solid steel in order to enable it for longer life span and be durable to varying weather conditions. However, the product cannot be folded to store it in a compact place, unlike its rivals.

Snow Joe Sun Joe Sjsw26m Lawn Sweeper, 26 inch

Key features: 26” sweeper, 52.3-gallon collector basket, 4 brushes.

Pros: easy grabbing, ample storage, adjustable heights.

Yard Tuff Ytf-42stqa Lawn Sweeper, 42″

This Yard Tuff lawn sweeper is a tow behind models of lawn sweeper which comes with a 42” sweeper width along with 4 brushes each with a 10” diameter and that is capable of sweeping at a 4:1 ratio.

The hitches are designed in pin style model to facilitate towing behind the various tractor models easily. Also, the presence of the quick adjustment lever benefits the convenience of operating it from the tractor itself.

yard tuff

The dust collector bag is made to be durable and can pick up a lot of leaves and it does not require frequent unloading. Also, it comes with easy folding option to store it in a compact place when not in use.

Yard Tuff Ytf-42stqa Lawn Sweeper, 42 inch

Key features: 42” sweeper width, 4 brushes, pin style hitches.

Pros: adjustable heights, quick lever operation, easy assembly

Cub Cadet Lawn Sweeper, 44”

This Cub Cadet lawn sweeper is also a tow type lawn sweeper with 44-inch sweeper width that is capable of sweeping off a wider area of the lawn. The dust collector bag is capable of holding more leaves and can be unloaded easily right from your tractor seat.

The product is designed in such a way that it can perform two in one function at the same time, i.e. it can mow and sweep simultaneously with the offset hitch design. The brushes are adjustable to different heights and can pick up the dust and leaves completely without leaving any residue.

Check out the video to know the features and working methods of the cub cadet lawn sweepers.

Cub Cadet Lawn Sweeper, 44 inch

Key features: 44” sweeper width, adjustable brushes.

Pros: sufficient storage bags, height adjustable brushes, simultaneous mowing and sweeping.

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Precision LSP48 Lawn Sweeper, 48”

This Precision lawn sweeper is also a tow type lawn sweeper with 48-inch sweeper width which facilitates picking up of leaves and debris effectively. The sweeper is designed with hitch pins to be capable of fixing it with tractors of different heights.

The brushes of this device are about 10” diameter which can gather almost all the leaves including the smallest ones without leaving any residue. A lever enables to attaching it to the different tractor heights.


Further, the product is made of powder coated steel tube frame which is rust resistant and is durable to varying weather conditions. However, this product cannot be stored in a compact place when not in use.

Precision LSP48 Lawn Sweeper, 48 inch

Key features: 48” sweeper, 10” brushes, steel tube frame.

Pros: rust resistant, durable, adjustable heights

John Deere Lawn Sweeper, 42”

The tow behind lawn sweeper from the John Deere brand comes with a 42” sweeper width which is capable of sweeping of almost all the leaves and dust. The brushes of 11” diameter are powerful in such a way that it can congregate the leaves for the very first time of sweeping. The brushes provide good contact to the ground while sweeping and benefit to avoid slipping.

The hamper bag is extra large in size and it can store more quantity of debris. Also, the product is capable of being folded and stored in a compact place by hanging it or by making it stand upright.

You can gain more access methods of this lawn sweeper through this video.

John Deere Lawn Sweeper, 42 inch

Key features: 42” sweeper, 11” brushes.

Pros: powerful sweeping, avoids slipping, compact storage.

Mid West Lawn Sweeper, 31”

This is a push-type lawn sweeper with a sweeper width of 31 inches that enables effective sweeping by covering a wider area of the lawn. The brush bristles are thick and they are capable of picking up of a lot of leaves.

It can be operated only when you push it and walk along with it. So this is considered as a part of your fitness routine to reduce the unwanted fat and cholesterol. The holding bag is designed to be deep and it is filled with more quantity of leaves without the strain of unloading it frequently.

mid w

Also, the sweeper does not require to be towed behind a tractor and it easy to use along with being economical and eco-friendly, as it does not demand the use of running tractors on the lawn.

Mid West Lawn Sweeper, 31 inch

Key features: 31” sweeper width, thick bristles.

Pros: eco-friendly, no assembly requirement, sweeps efficiently.

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These are the best lawn sweepers that have been pulled out with respect to the customer reviews and ratings. I have taken care to include the different types of models that are available for effectual sweeping.

However, I suggest you decide on the model which will suit your lawn; if you wish to go with an eco- friendly approach, I would recommend you to choose a push sweeper as it does not require a tractor to be present always to sweep, if in case you own a tractor, then choose the tow behind types so that you can diminish the strain of pushing it to sweep.

Obtain the brand which offers a quality product. Here are the 8 Most Popular Lawn Sweeper Brands who are offering the best quality lawn sweeper products with high durability, Reliability and in an affordable rate. My opinion is to avoid purchasing a brand only based on the looks and the fame that it has. Each lawn will require a different type of sweeper, so use this article as a reference and shortlist the products which meet your lawn size and needs.

If you wish to know more details about a particular model or brand, write to us and we will reach you as soon as possible. If you own a particular brand of a lawn sweeper, and if it meets the standards, write about your experience of handling the lawn sweeper.

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