Agri Fab Lawn Sweeper Review

Cleaning the garden requires more time usually. I discussed with my friends and relatives to know their recommendations on the brands. They recommend me to use the agri-fab lawn sweeper.  At first, I hesitated to buy the product.  So,  I surfed the internet and found that it was the best one.

Now I had purchased the product and I am really wondered about the performance of the lawn sweeper. So, I would like to share some of the features and benefits of the best lawn sweeper– agri-fab lawn sweeper.   

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

Its special features will help you to perform well.  It leaves your floor clear without any single leaf. After using the lawn sweeper, my relatives got amazed by the performance of the product.



One can easily clean the floor with the help of this lawn sweeper.  The weight of the product is 77 pounds and hence even the lean persons can use it without applying any extra effort.


The handle provides a great grip and comfort to me. The ergonomic design of the handle helps me to provide flexibility and clean my garden in a correct path. The frame of the sweeper is made of the zinc-plated steel.

Vinyl Bag 

In this bag, you can collect all the wastes and gather into it.  So, without any risk, you can throw away the garbage. It is made of the high-quality fabrics materials.


Brush Height Adjustment

Its special feature of adjusting the height of the brush helped me to do the work properly.  It activates the brushes in forward movement and clears the lawn.


Even my little sister can maintain it easily. Thus, you can understand that it requires only little maintenance.  No special effort had to be taken to maintain the lawn sweeper.

Check out below video that explains about the working mechanism of this lawn sweeper.


You can fold the lawn sweeper and store it in one particular place. It won’t occupy more space.  To gain the best output you need to take care of the lawn sweeper.


  • As the lawn sweeper is made of the best quality materials, it is one of the durable product. The wheels of the sweepers are made of bronze to give a long life.
  • It has the capacity to clean all types of floors. It won’t cause any cracks in my floors and offer a smooth performance.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of lawns and gardens.
  • The lawn sweeper plays a very good role in keeping my garden clean. The credit goes to the product as it picks the leaves, cuttings of grass, debris and other small particles.
  • The warranty of the lawn sweeper is 3 years.
Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

Key features: ergonomic handle, vinyl bag, steel frame.

Pros: suits for all floors, durability, easy to use, lightweight.

I hope that the above points were very  useful to you in  collecting the information about the agri-fab  lawn sweeper. Write to us about your opinions on this product review for us to improve.



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