Husqvarna 50″ Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper Review

Lawn sweepers are one of the critical lawn equipment that every gardener should have in his list of lawn tools or devices. The benefits provided by the lawn sweepers are many, choosing the desired lawn sweeper can help you to enjoy the entire advantages offered by them.

About the Manufacturer – Husqvarna

Choosing the right style, size and type of lawn sweepers as your lawn type is essential and it’s tedious in picking the right manufacturers and brands lawn sweepers. Among some of the favorite lawn sweepers, today we are going to check in depth about one of the leading Manufacturer Husqvarna by Ohio Steel, a famous brand in the United States of America.

There are many successful products developed by the manufacturer, and they are considered one of the famous and preferred brands by most of the customers for their high quality and reliable products.

Specialities of Husqvarna 50” Lawn Sweepers

The lawn sweeper belongs to the Tow-Behind type and is one of the most abundant kind in the market. They are developed to collect more quantity of debris on your lawn like Grass Clippings, Pine needles, pine cones, fallen leaves, litters, twigs and much more without taking a long time, and they are best for flat lawns.

The large size makes the lawn sweeper act clumsily along the slopes. There are many specialties of Husqvarna 50” lawn sweeper, some of the includes

  • The lock Height adjustment is considered to be positive for the lawn sweeper as they do not vibrate from their position, you will be able to adjust the height settings as per your comfort level.
  • The sweep path with 50 inches and reinforced hopper that is 26 cubic feet is the most significant identity of this tow behind lawn sweepers.
  • The 11 inches semi-pneumatic tires and the polypropylene brushes that are developed to be spiraled picks the debris quickly without doing any damages to your grass.
  • The spiral brushes are 100% better when compared to the standard sweepers, and they do not put more stress on the gears, and therefore you are assured of the longevity.
  • The collapsible bad and the push button removal of a hitch in the tow behind lawn sweeper makes the storage compact and more accessible.
  • The chute is developed to be 9 inches wide, and therefore the extra wideness level prevents clogging.
  • More extended service life and less wear are achieved with the help of the brush axle shaft which is accompanied with the sealed ball bearings.
  • The hitch adjustment can be made in three different positions and therefore you can use these with any Husqvarna garden and lawn tractors.
  • Capable of storing upright with the help of the collapsible bag.
  • You will be able to quickly dump the debris by just sitting in the tractor, and this helps in natural composting.
  • The tow behind lawn sweeper can be used in any residential lawns.

Overview of Husqvarna 50 Inches Lawn Sweepers from Customer View

Here are some components that customer liked and disliked about the product and also some other features in depth.

What customer liked about the Husqvarna?

Most of the customer preferred to get this tow behind lawn sweeper for their brushes as they were developed to be soft and picks the debris quicker and more comfortable without damaging the grass when compared to other lawn sweepers in the market. Customers have said that they use these lawn sweepers to clear away the debris twice a week and they found excellent results every time.

The brush is developed with different height settings so that they can choose their desired height as per their comfort level, which is also the main reason the customer has a crush on it. The hopper that is combined within the sweeper is capable of collecting a decent amount of the waste and debris.

What customers disliked about Husqvarna?

Most of them had the problem with the lawn sweeper tire; they gets malfunctioned easily after few uses, another problem was that they found difficulties in clearing the debris along the slopes as they were large.

Features & Specifications of Husqvarna 50″ Lawn Sweeper

The tow behind lawn sweepers is best to pick up debris like grass clippings, pine needles, fallen leaves, twigs, pine cones, lawn clippings, etc. with ease. These tow behind lawn sweepers were not much good in picking hay. It would be good to use this Husqvarna lawn sweeper as a fun element because they provide the more significant excitement when driving on the tractor.


As they are large, they contain more pieces for fitting and therefore time taken to assemble the lawn sweeper is high. You will need to have the required tools to set up this tow behind lawn sweepers if you need to gather them on your own.


The Husqvarna lawn sweepers are considered to be the largest one in the market, and therefore you will require smaller storage spaces. With the help of a push button, you can remove the hitch and consequently easy for storing.


The high-quality materials used in the brushes and other parts of the lawn sweeper makes them exist for an extended period. With the help of the pull cord, you will be able to empty the bag which contains the collected debris like grass clippings, litter, fallen leaves, pine needles, etc.


The manufacturer Husqvarna provides one year warranty for the tow behind lawn sweeper, and therefore customer shows their interest in getting the product without any hesitation. Some parts are not offered guarantee, but it is not a great deal.


Considering the price, the Husqvarna tow behind lawn sweeper would fall within your budget so that you can get it happily without any confusion. The money you invest in the product will let you save your time and money.

Husqvarna 50″ Lawn Sweeper

Key features: Reinforced hopper, Semi-pneumatic tire.

Pros: Spiral brushes, Collapsible bad.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Husqvarna 50 inches tow behind lawn sweepers are best for the lawn and garden that is flat and for the people who are in search for the sturdy and reliable lawn sweeper for their yard.

Muscle strength is significant while emptying the debris collected in the hopper as the lawn sweeper is developed to large, there is a rope indulged within them to leave the hopper which is a decisive factor in this lawn sweeper. Other sweepers will have a metal bar which will make the emptying process more difficult.

The brush shaft is made of high-quality metal instead of plastic, which is another unique feature of this Husqvarna tow behind lawn sweepers. This helps in reducing the tear and wear, the brush developed in spiral format increases the life of the lawn sweepers.

Any ideas, queries, and suggestions on the Husqvarna 50″ Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper are welcome.

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