John Deere Lawn Sweeper- Review

This article is about John Deere lawn sweeper which is one of the best lawn sweepers ever I have used.  John Deere lawn sweeper is an effective lawn sweeper that can clean your lawn with very less time.

John Deere Lawn Sweeper- Review

I prefer this sweeper because it gave me higher benefits over other sweepers. This sweeper has many advanced features and benefits. The important features and benefits are given below.

John Deere Lawn Sweeper

John Deere lawn sweeper is a 42-inch lawn sweeper with high coverage area. This lawn sweeper is made up of high-quality parts and it does not need any tool to assemble it. This lawn sweeper has many important features among different types of lawn sweepers; They include the following,

High Tip Velocity

The John Deere lawn sweeper has a high tip velocity i.e. the velocity of the brush rotation compared to that of wheel rotation is relatively high when compared to te other lawn sweepers. Hence, this lawn sweeper saves time and finishes its work in 50{13f1e3f9afcb8f9f09b3cb47995c5b02be06a20f259fee31b62da196ecea2d18} less time compared to other sweepers.

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This lawn sweeper has 6-brushes. These brushes are 11-inches in height and it can effectively clean the ground region. The height of the brushes can be adjusted up to ½-inch. This adjustment is effective and it can be done without tools.

Ground Contact

The brushes are durable and they act faster according to the wheel movement. As mentioned above, the height of the brushes can be adjusted time to time and this will enable the ground contact at any levels.


John Deere lawn sweeper offers anti-slip technology between the adjustments. Any adjustment in the device can be done effectively and these adjustments will stay strong for a long time without any alter in its shape and size.  Hence, the grip offered by this device is high and it acts user-friendly too.


This device can be easily assembled with the help of hands. I completed full assembly of this device within 40 minutes with the help of hand itself. So you no need any external tools for assembly.

Mesh Bag

Behind the sweeper, there is a mesh bag attached to the sweeper. This mesh bag is durable and it actively collects all the debris from the lawn. The volume of the mesh bag used in John Deere lawn sweeper is about 24 cubic feet. This size is larger and with this you can clean the lawn for a long time without vacuuming the bag.


The wheel of this lawn sweeper is durable and is made up of the bronze axle. The wheel is made up of plastic and rubber. Bronze inserts add durability to the wheel.

Storage And Cost

This device collapses into the minimum size and can be stored effectively within less space. The cost of this product is considerably higher than the other lawn sweepers, but the product is effective.

Here is a video that explains to you how the lawn sweeper work and store the debris from the lawn.


I feel that the John Deere lawn sweepers are durable and will stay active for more years. This product can be used easily. It can be easily attached to the mini tractor and it can clean the entire lawn in a less time. The assembly of this product is very simple and it requires very less time. This sweeper can remove dried leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, sticks and twigs, acorns and walnuts.

John Deere Lawn Sweeper

Key features: bronze axle, mesh bag, and 6-brushes.

Pros: Durable, easy assemble and minimum storage area.

These are the various advanced features and benefits of the John Deere lawn sweepers. Hope this article is useful to you.


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