How To Take Care Of Your Lawn Sweeper?

So, finally purchased a lawn sweeper? Congrats, you can now bid bye to the dried leaves and other debris. But, do you know that the lawn sweepers also require certain maintenance to work long? Chill. I have listed out the best tips and tricks to help you maintain the lawn sweeper (both push type and tow behind types), in order to have a good looking yard.

How To Take Care Of Your Lawn Sweeper

Tips For Maintaining

Maintaining a device to make it work for a long time is not the toughest task to be done. All it takes a little of time and more of patience to go with the tips and tricks in order to properly handle your lawn sweeper to its best.

Know-How’s- Just like the other man-made devices, the push type sweepers will definitely hold a user manual with all the necessary details about the assembly, usage instructions, and the operations that can be performed with that device and those that cannot be done with that device.

Read it thoroughly, get to know each and every detail clearly and then proceed using the device. This will solve the problems of mishandling.

Assembling- When it comes to the assembly, every device should be carefully assembled with the given parts in order to make it functional. Similarly, a lawn sweeper has to be assembled with proper care. Even though it takes time when doing it for the first time, be patient and assemble it in a proper way.

There are many educational videos available on the internet which demonstrate the assembly details; certain manufacturers provide video CDs along with the instruction manual. Make use of that too. If possible, get it assembled in the stores to avoid stress. Always ensure, if your product has all the parts in a working condition in order to avoid breakdown.

Clean It Frequently- A lawn sweeper as it performs the work of clearing the grass cuttings and the dried leaves, there are chances of the leaves or any debris to be present in the blades after use. The common mistake made by the owners is leaving the lawn sweeper to be untidy.

Cleaning it once in a while will not benefit the lawn sweeper; it has to be cleaned every now and then and of course after every single use. Care should be taken to clean up the interior parts to prevent struck ups and jams further.

Also, ensure that the wheels are clean and dry without any debris wrapped up to it. In case if you leave it unchecked, the wrapped up debris will adhere firmly and eventually cause the wheels to stop rotating which will, in turn, affect the performance of the lawn sweeper.

Grease It Regularly- Almost all the devices will undergo wear and tear upon regular usage. In general, the rust prone components are subjected to machine oil to make it lubricated. Similarly, a lawn sweeper has to be lubricated and greased with oil before you store it after completing the works in order to avoid it becoming rusted.

Certain models of the lawn sweepers are foldable and are convenient to be stored in a dry area. Those models have to be covered with dust-proof covers, to avoid the accumulation of dust particles in the sweeper parts.

Keep It Dry- After every use and cleaning, wipe the blades and other parts that are subjected to water and ensure that they are dried completely. If placed in a damp or moist condition, the sweeper parts may get rusted easily after a certain period of time.

Before every use; ensure whether the grass is dry without water. A landscape that is completely dry will have a grippy convenience for the sweeper to perform well better than the moist land.

Use It On A Mowed Land- A yard with a landscape is sure to have grasses grown up in wider areas. In the fall season, the dried and the fallen leaves will cover up the grasses leaving you unnoticed of the tall grasses that are grown.

When using a lawn sweeper, the long grasses protrudes the blades and affects the performance of the brushes to pick up the debris. To avoid this, first, mow the land and trim the grown up grasses and then continue using the lawn sweeper which will not only give you better performance but also help the blades to last longer.

Replace Parts Whenever Necessary- With regular usage, the lawn sweeper parts gets subjected to wear and tear and requires to be replaced effectively. Failing this will damage the sweeper completely. In general, the wheels, brushes, catchers, vacuum, and the collecting bag wore out after prolonged usage.

  • If you feel that the wheels to be flat than normal, check for the tire punctures if any. If yes, then consider filling the tire with air and running it again; if it gets stuck again, then its time you replace the wheels.
  • Due to the prolonged usage, the debris that is collected in the hopper tends to get into the sweeper’s vacuum and blocks the vacuum from performing properly. Running the sweeper in those cases will result in severe damage to the sweeper on the whole. To avoid this, make a regular check up on the vacuum of the sweeper to ensure that is free without clogs and replace in case of clogs.
  • The brushes are the key components of any sweeper. They get in contact with the ground and push the dirt and debris into the bag. Upon regular usage, the brushes are subjected to wear and get damaged. They are required to be replaced when you observe any wear in the brushes.
  • The collector bag or the hopper continuously collects the leaves and debris from the yard or lawn. They have to be loaded with the required quantity and have to be unloaded each and every time it gets filled up. Overloading the bag will lead to tearing of the bags. Also, the bags tend to tear after several months or years of purchase. In those cases, it has to be replaced with new bags.


To conclude, the lawn sweeper will work for a long time if you follow these user guidelines and perform regular maintenance checkups to replace the worn out parts. The replacement parts can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website or from the nearby stores that supply the essential lawn sweeper accessories.

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