Snow Joe Sun Lawn Sweeper Review 2020

Nowadays, people are having lawn or garden in their homes to beautify their home and to gain profit from it. To get rid of the falling leaves, branches, etc., which make their home untidy, people use to clear them manually. But, it seems to be a tedious job for them. This was where the Lawn sweepers come into force. They can help in maintaining the beauty of the lawn with no effort.

But, it seems to be a tedious job for them. This was where the Lawn sweepers come into force. They can help in maintaining the beauty of the lawn with no effort. One among the best brands that sell the lawn sweepers is the Snow Joe Sun Joe lawn sweeper. Let us look at its review here.

Snow Joe Sun Joe SJSW26M Lawn Sweeper

Even though it is a manual lawn sweeper, it could clear my home in minutes without the need of applying any extra effort. On walking, I used to push my lawn sweeper to the front side. It will clear the surrounding areas of my lawn. Its features play a very good role in keeping you stay away from the debris.

The body 

The construction of the lawn sweeper is made of the steel material. So, it greatly improves the performance of the product. It is hence a durable lawn sweeper. It can clean your house for a long time without any damage.


It impressed me with the combination of light green and black color. As the leaves and grass are in green color, I prefer to purchase the product in the same color.


The weight of the lawn sweeper is 37 pounds which made it easier to push towards the front. When cleaning my lawn, I  won’t ask help from others to push the sweeper. You can easily clean your lawn without getting the help from others.


It consists of four grabbing brushes, which can clear the path up to 26 inches wide. It covers my entire outdoor areas within a few hours.

Adjustable Height Control

The lawn sweeper performed well with the special feature of adjustment height control that enabled me to adjust it, based on my floor condition. It gives its best in lawns, patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Here is a video that explains about this lawn sweeper works


The weight of the basket is 52.3 gallons using which it can collect, as much as, debris it can. It can be emptied easily and continued to collect the garbage. So, I can find that it is used to save my precious time, as it finishes its work within short intervals.


First of all, before going to purchase the product, you must get the information about the cost of it so that you can take the next step of deciding whether to buy it or not. But, after seeing the performance of this lawn sweeper, you won’t delay anymore to purchase the product.  The range of the lawn sweeper is between $ 100 to $ 150.


  • It can work well on my lawns, gardens and all the other outdoor areas to pick the leaves, grass, debris, etc.
  • It does not cause any damages like crack, break to your floor. It is hence the safest one to be used in your home.
  • The warranty of the product is 2 years.
  • It can be used in all types of seasons.
  • While pushing the sweeper, you don’t have to apply extra effort on it.
  • At the time of fall or spring season, you can see the best performance of the lawn sweepers.

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