Yardwise Lawn Sweeper Review 2020

After trimming the plants and shrubs in my garden, I noticed that my garden is full of grass, leaves, debris, and other small particles. It seemed to be a difficult job to clear my areas.   The other day, I visited my friend’s house and saw that my friend is using the Yardwise lawn sweeper for cleaning the lawn area. I was amazed at the performance of the product.

At once, I  bought the Yardwise lawn sweeper and started using it in my home. I now feel that my burden has been reduced. I suggest this for you and I would like to share the details about the best lawn sweeper– Yardwise lawn sweeper.

Yardwise 23630-YW Lawn Sweeper

I consider this as a friend of my garden, because it keeps my lawn very clean, even though  I had not taken any special effort to do the job.  Many of the workers in my office had visited my home and appreciated about the cleanliness of the lawn area. On purchasing the product, you can make your surrounding environment clean.

Body Of The Sweeper

The materials used in the lawn sweeper are made of plastic and metal. The shop keeper told me that the materials of the lawn sweeper are made of the best quality materials. By now, you could have guessed that it is a durable product.

One notable thing about the product is that the materials used in it are used to judge the performance of the product.


As the weight of the lawn sweeper is less than 10pounds, one can easily push the lawn sweeper along the correct path.  Without any distractions, one can work with this kind of lawn sweeper.


Handle offers the great grip and comfort to me while pushing the sweeper on the front side. It won’t allow you to slip and is considered as the special feature of the lawn sweeper.  With the help of handle, I can spend more time to work with the lawn sweeper.


Once it had been suggested my friend, the first thing I did was to inquire about its price.  As it cost less than others, I was fond of buying the product. The price of the Yardwise lawn sweeper ranges from $50 to $ 65. If you want, you can check the exact price.


The brush of the lawn sweeper is made of plastic and hence offers flexibility. You can adjust the height of it based on the type of floor.  With the help of the brush, you can sweep the small or large sized grass.

It consists of rotating brushes which can perform well on all types of floors.


This type of lawn sweeper is available in my favorite green color. So, I was fond of purchasing the lawn sweeper.


When the sweeper is not in use, I used to fold it so that it occupies only the little amount of space in my room.


The lawn sweeper can be turned on and off easily.  Initially, while purchasing the product, I did not know how to operate it. But after using it, I can work well with it.  Nobody taught me how to operate it.  Its design made me easy to use it.

Here is a video that explains how Yard wise lawn sweeper operates on the lawn.

Instruction Manual

If you don’t know how to operate the lawn sweeper, you can read the instruction manual. It gives you more tips to use, safety precautions and tells you how to maintain it properly.


  • It gifts a clear floor to you and won’t produce any damage to it. So, it is the safest one to be used in your house.
  • It works well on my gardens, lawn, side paths, etc., and gives the best results on all types of floors.
  • It can be handled easily without any risk.
  • Without applying much effort, I cleaned my lawn with the help of the Yardwise lawn sweeper.
  • It can be maintained very easily.

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